Geospatial data processing SICH-2
and demo tasks

The system for searching and processing satellite data of Sich-2

Sich-2 is a Ukrainian remote sensing satellite that was launched on 17 August 2012. Sich-2 observes the Earth in 5 spectral bands: pan-chromatic, green, red, infrared, and shortwave infrared. Spatial resolution of images in VNIR range is 8m, and in SWIR range is 40m. Image swath is 50m with possible inclination angle ± 30°

Advantages of geoportal

  • The ability to use geoportal by different system users both as ministerial and private level;
  • The ability to work in concrete time interval;
  • Flexible configuration of dynamic layers and products based on existing geospatial information;
  • Usefull Web-interface and visualization tools.